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Greetings from Fr. Naples

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart, St. Vincent, and St. Ignatius Churches. I decided to launch a new website for our Tri-Parish community, and I hope it becomes even more useful and convenient for everyone to use.
God bless you, and please give us suggestions about the website.

Sincerely, in Christ,

Fr. Tim, Pastor

Blessing of the Snowmobiles

On February 12, 2017 the Parish Council had a pancake breakfast followed by the “Blessing of Snowmobiles”. The event gathered people together to share great food and fellowship.

Thank you to all who supported the Pastoral Council’s endeavor to help unite and serve our parish community by attending the pancake breakfast and the “blessings of the sleds”. We would like to thank Fr. Charbonneau for blessing the sleds, the Ladies of Sacred Heart and St. Ignatius for their monetary donations and Jacques and Pauline Couture for the Maple Syrup.

United In Faith

September 24th, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Faith and Charity, United in Christ”

Please pray for the people, towns, and churches of Most Holy Trinity Parish in Barton. We are currently embarking upon a similar Sunday Offertory Drive as was done in the Tri-Parishes in 2015. The Lord knows if financial gifts for the ministries of Trinity parish should significantly increase or not. Our part is to discern his will, and be faithful.

In our current parish cooperative several ministries have started to work harmoniously between all our Catholic parishes entrusted to me as pastor. Here also we know that the Lord will bring about the degree of consolidation and unity that he wishes. Fr. Ladislaus attempted to lay the groundwork such that St. Vincent, St. Ignatius, and Sacred Heart could function as one Catholic parish. Such as merger could be fruitful, but it really requires the commitment of a full time pastor. With prayers for the Church, and obedience and communication with our bishop, let us try to suggest the most reasonable paths for priestly assignments, that we might follow the most charitable path for our brothers and sisters.

Let us be disciples united through faith and works, in the Universal Catholic Church, in Jesus Christ our Lord, working to build up the Kingdom of God in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

God bless you,

Sincerely, in Christ, with Mary,

Fr. Tim Naples, Pastor