Sunday Eucharist Survey

See Here Fr. Naples’ October 2nd note about the Sunday Eucharist Survey.

Thank you to those parishioners of each church who made responses to the Sunday Eucharist Survey. All may know, especially as the Diocese prayerfully anticipates a synod to address the life and mission of the Church, that no changes are being made to the currently established Mass times at St. Vincent’s, Sacred Heart, or St. Ignatius’. As clearly stated, other suggestions for Mass times were not being tallied, but I am appreciative for everyone’s straightforward thoughts or preferences. Responses included insights into the current experience of our congregants at Mass, and a few good suggestions for general parish life outside of Mass times.

In particular, let me share the quantifiable data from the 33 survey responses that I received. On my first reading, none of these statistics indicate any need. Indeed they may simply indicate the kind of parishioner who is most likely to fill out a survey. Still, I hope the summary here is a small cause for thought about participation in the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist, and for a stirring of desire.

Of 29 respondents to the question “which is your greater priority for you any given week?”, 11 responses indicated a favor for “choice of Mass time that is convenient,” and 12 indicated a favor for “Mass time… offered in my own parish.” Other responses did not seem to favor either of these as written in the survey.

Of 23 respondents to the question “what is your facility in driving distances for Mass?”, 17 listed no concerns for driving distances, or answered that they had easy facility. 6 respondents listed some notable difficulty, be it weather, daylight, parking, or total driving distance. Of honorable mention is the “can-do” attitude of one parishioner, who in terms of driving time for Mass said, “As necessary, under an hour preferred”!

Of the 18 respondents to the question “is care for elderly… management of family… a factor for you?” 13 said no. 4 listed some factor of age or health that was a difficulty. 1 listed family/care of children as a factor in Mass attendance.

Thanks again to those who allowed the use of parishioner comments on what it means to participate in Mass. Some of these comments will be inspirational quotes on our website banners.

God bless you all. In Christ, with Mary, Fr. Tim Naples

You might still consider responding to the survey regarding participation in our weekend church Masses!

Click Here to open the electronic version and send responses directly to Fr. Naples.

Click here for printable version: Questionnaire for Mass times SHSVS in pdf format.

Copies are available in church to hand write responses.

Handwritten surveys may be mailed to Fr. Naples at the parish office. They may also be dropped in the weekend collection with an envelope simply labeled “survey.”